Mitchell Young | ES

Mitchell Young, Ph.D.

Mitchell Young holds a doctorate in area studies from Charles University, a master's degree in religious studies from University of Chicago, and a bachelor's degree in political science from Williams College where he also earned a concentration in environmental studies. Currently, he is a part-time assistant professor in the Department of West European Studies of the Institute of International Studies where he teaches courses on political economy of the EU and integration. His research focuses on the policy instruments for university-based research evaluation and funding, the governance and implementation of knowledge policies in higher education, and the European Research Area.

Publications (selected)

  • Young, M. (2015), 'Competitive funding, citation regimes, and the diminishment of breakthrough research', Higher Education, 69(3): 421-434.
  • Young, M. (2015), 'Shifting Policy Narratives in Horizon 2020', Journal of Contemporary European Research, 11 (1): 16-30.
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  • Young, M. (2015), 'Book review: Humboldt's Lost Paradise: the ideology of the unity of teaching and research in higher education [Ztracený Humboltův ráj: Ideologie jednoty výykumu a výuky ve vysokém školství]', European Journal of Higher Education, 5(1): 107-109.
  • Young, M. (2015), 'Book review: Building the Knowledge Economy in Europe', Journal of Contemporary European Research, 11(5): 150-152.
  • Young, M. (2014), 'Coarsely Ground: Developing the Czech System of Research Evaluation', in J. Brankovic, M. Klemencic, P. Lazetic and P. Zgaga (eds.), Global Challenges, Local Responses in Higher Education. The contemporary issues in national and comparative perspective, Rotterdam: Sense publishers.
  • Young, M. (2014), 'Where is Horizon 2020 leading us?', Europe of Knowledge blog, and
  • Young, M. (2012) 'Multi-level Steering and Institution Building: the European Union’s approach to research policy', European Educational Research Journal, 11(4), 570-585.
  • Young, M. (2012), 'Zvyšují evaluace kvalitu vzdělávání? (Do student evaluations improve the quality of education?)', Forum: the Magazine of Charles University, 23(2).

Research Grants

  • 2011-2013 – GAUK (Grant Agency of Charles University), Koncepce Evropského vysokolškolského vzdělávání a její realizace ve vybraných členských státech EU (European higher education policies and their implementation in selected EU member states). Researcher.


  • European economic integration
  • EU policies
  • Comparative capitalisms of Western Europe
  • Contemporary issues seminar