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To complete the European Studies programme, students have to acquire a total of 120 ECTS credits, defend their Master Thesis and successfully pass the final State Examination. The following compulsory courses represent 78 ECTS credits.

EU Institutions (ESA) Historical Roots of European Integration (ESA)
EU Policies Legal Framework of the European Union (ESA)
European Comparative Politics and Society (ESA) M.A. Thesis Seminar I - III
European Economic Integration (ESA) Methodology and Academic Writing Seminar
European Union in International Relations (ESA) Political Geography (ESA)
Europe of States, Regions and Citizens Theories of European Integration and Their Application
Grand Debates of European Integration  

Remaining 42 ECTS credits can be earned by participating in optional and elective courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

For a detailed information on the ES programme please visit the Faculty's website.